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A Source of Inspiration: A Retired Military Dog. K500 Turbo. A Hero.

"It’s as if Turbo (K500) should be wearing tights and a cape. He is not equipment. He is my hero and guardian. He is my battle buddy and my friend. He’s not only a Soldier with four-legs and a sniffer. He is Soldier that works for a simple pat on the head or a ball. He doesn’t care if it is to hot or raining. He doesn’t complain or run his mouth. He just does his job. That’s all he knows how to do, and he loves doing it. Turbo is my equal."

I’ve done a lot of things in my Army career and worked with some of the best the Army has to offer but nothing compares to being a dog handler and working with Turbo everyday. Turbo does more than find explosives. He finds ways to motivate me and others around him on a daily basis."

Like cancer care for people, cancer diagnosis and treatment for pets has made remarkable advancement through the years. As with any life-saving treatment, this level of advanced care has its costs. When a person faces cancer, there are numerous costs associated with care and treatment. Yet in veterinary medicine, less than 5% of our pets have health insurance. Until that percentage changes, a majority of these costs are carried by the pet owner.

The MiliDog Program was created to fill an existing void to provide cancer care for Retired Military Dogs, and Contract Working Dogs nationwide. These elite warriors are expected to work in the most austere of environments and face conditions that most human beings cannot survive. The K-9 units are vital in ensuring the success of every mission and operate in all conditions. Our mission is to ensure that every single elite warrior has a chance in a battle against cancer.

Bak's Legacy is the financial assistance fund within the MiliDog Program.  

 helping Retired Military and Retired Contract Dogs in their fight against cancer .

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